In Peru you can either surf in almost all the coast.

Peru become one of the first places in the world where the people surf the waves.

The ancient people of the northern coast, before the Inca empire, surf the waves and fished with the "Caballitos de totora".
Come to Peru and travel to surf the most large left of the world in Chicama.


Pico Alto


Pico Alto is the biggest wave near Lima.
This beach is at 40 kmm from the center and it belongs to Punta Hermosa.


San Bartolo is a beach 50 kilometers south from Lima. You can surf left and rights from 2 feet untill 10 feet when the swell comes great.


The beach of Penascal is near San Bartolo at 50 kilometers south of Lima.
It breaks only overhead and is one of the most powerfull waves near Lima.

La Herradura


The spot of La Herradura is a wunderfull place to surf in the coast of Lima. It has magnificent tubes and more than 200 yards to ride. It only breaks overhead some times at the year.

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San Bartolo

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